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Executive Vice President
Jed Seward
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Sales and Estimating
Jason Gurule
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Customer Service
Dale Seward
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Commercial Door Manufacturing can help ease the burden of estimating hollow metal doors and frames. We’ll even do it for you! Here are a few options:

1.We can estimate using plans and specifications filed with Dodge / iSqFt for projects in the following regions:

• Arizona
• California
• Colorado
• New Mexico
• Utah
• West Texas
• Wyoming

2. You may send us:

a. Your project on a CD

b. Your on-line notification link such as:
• Grade Beam
• Blue Book
• iSqFt
• Dodge

c. Your take-off and project specifications

We’ll send you a written quote.

Estimating 3. We also have a proprietary estimating tool for your use in getting a quick and easy quote for Commercial Door Manufacturing custom doors and frames.

Contact Jed Seward or Jason Gurule
at (505) 881-1034 to learn more about this great option!