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Executive Vice President
Jed Seward
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Sales and Estimating
Jason Gurule
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Customer Service
Dale Seward
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Technical Data

Commercial Door Manufacturing is committed to excellence in its products and its customer service. Commonly requested technical data is listed below. However, if there is a piece of information you need that you don’t see here, it’s as close as a phone call. Let us know what you need!

SDI Hinge Locations
SDI Location Chart.pdf
3 Hinge Measurement Form.pdf
4 Hinge Measurement Form.pdf

SDI Comparison Chart.pdf

NAAMM Technical Literature
NAAMM 803 - Steel Tables.pdf
NAAMM 841-07 - Tolerances & Clearances for Commercial Hollow Metal Doors & Frames.pdf
NAAMM 890 – Hollow Metal.pdf
NAAMM 861 – Guide Specifications for Commercial Hollow Metal Doors & Frames

Sample Submittal Complete Package.pdf

Prior Approvals
HMMA Tech Summary.pdf
NAAMM Certification.pdf
Recycled Steel.pdf

Storage Information.pdf

Wipe Coat Galvanized Steel Information.pdf